Module assignments in Joomla

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A couple of weeks ago I made a Joomla component for managing menu-module relationships from a per-menu perspective rather than a per-module one. Since this required research on how Joomla records these relationships I figured it’d be worth sharing this information.

Joomla uses a table #__modules_menu with two columns, menuid and moduleid. When configuring the Menu Assignment section of a Joomla module there are four options to choose from in the “Module Assignment” dropdown:

  • On all pages
  • No pages
  • Only on the pages selected
  • On all pages except those selected

The rules for storing rows in the #__modules_menu table for each selection are as follows:

  • For all pages, store one row with this module id and 0 as the menu id
  • For no pages, do not store any row with this module id
  • For only selected pages, store one row per menu id with this module id
  • For on all pages except selected, store the negative menu id of each selection with this module id

For example, if I had three menu items 1, 2, and 3 and a module with an id of 10 and I choose “Only on the pages selected” with menu 1 selected, the table would look like this:

moduleId menuId
10 1

If I choose “All except selected” with menus 2 and 3 selected, the table would look like this:

moduleId menuId
10 -2
10 -3

Pretty simple, but considering I could not find this information in any official documentation I’m hoping I can save someone else a trip through the Joomla source code.