Hi, my name is Rob and I write code.

I’m a resident of Queens, NY. I work in Manhattan as a front end developer for a tech company.

I hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology, where I graduated with high honors. I also minored in English literature, just because.

My work consists mostly of JavaScript and HTML/CSS on your typical React/Redux/Webpack stack. I used to write PHP, C, and Java, but not lately. You can read more about my past work experience on my LinkedIn.

I’m a die-hard Mets fan and a fan of baseball in general. Every year I travel to a few MLB stadiums around the country in an effort to visit all thirty. I’m almost halfway there.

I am both a U.S. and Argentine citizen. I am somewhat proficient with reading and writing Spanish and a bit less speaking it.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to shoot me an email.